We believe in the "priesthood of all believers" and strive in our own congregation to both recognise God-given gifts, and make opportunities to use them in our services, meetings and outreach. However we feel it is just as important to fellowship regularly with and support other ministers, whatever their theology or denomination.

Ministries and church groups come and go over the years. We are truly blessed to have been active in the Costa Blanca area for over 11 years. God has been exceedingly faithful to support us financially and spiritually whilst we have been pastors of the King's Church.

Whereupon it is not always easy, we strive to have good relationships with church groups up and down the coast. The photo above represents just some of our fellow ministers. Our thanks go out to them and others for their friendship, support, advice and example.

Local Church Links

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but those who we either know personally, or have had good fellowship with at some time or other. There are some missing like the English Church in Benidorm currently pastored by Alan Robertson.

The photograph at the top left was taken a few years ago when we were developing a group called Koinonia. It was a time for Spanish and English Pastors and partners to get together for fellowship, prayer, support and mutual understanding of each other's ministries. This worked well for several years, but it's time passed and no longer operates. We do beleive however that some of the Spanish contingent still meet under the original ethic.

The photograph at the left was taken by Anne Read (Oasis Centre, Javea) at Camp Saron on the 14th of September 2015. Barbara and Dieter Zimmerer of the Salvation Army in Denia (couple at the far left of the photo) are encouraging us to a Pastors fellowship lunch on a regular basis for similar reasons as the Koinonia group mentioned above.