Frequently asked questions

Does the leadership of the church have any oversight?

Pastor Michael was ordained under Bishop Josep Rosello. When Bishop Josep moved to Brazil the oversight was passed to Bishop Tomas Kennedy. He died sometime later from cancer. We were without oversight for a couple of years whilst we sought a new bishop. Currently our oversight comes from the International Gospel Outreach organisation based in Wales, UK. Whilst this is not ideal due to the distances involved we feel oversight is Biblical and important. We continue to seek oversight from a more local source as God leads us.

How did this ministry to sex-workers happen?

It is widely observed that prostitutes operate openly on the N332, a main road that parallels the coastline. My wife Lynette had a real heart for 'the girls' as we came to call them. Whereupon Lynette and a couple of Christian friends would minister love and helps to them it was always a frustration that more could not be done for those who wanted to escape their circumstances. A couple who visited the King's Church on holiday found out more about the ministry from Lynette and God put it on their hearts to do much more about the situation. Although we are a team, Sophie and Colin have moved to Spain, and they now lead the work, have centred their efforts for now in the Gandia area working with a Spanish speaking church. It is a huge learning process and they are doing a tremendous work. They now have their own website and the ministry is taking a shape all of it's own as God leads and guides them. We are now in a support role and helping wherever we can.

If we come to the Pego area on holiday can we help?

Absolutely! The church is not mine - it is God's. We will talk and figure out your gifts and area of calling, and there is plenty to do. The congregations in Spain are generally small - less than 30 people. Often half the congregations in the summer are 'holiday makers'. We always need help with the praise and worship, testimonies, prayer, and if God lays something on your heart there will be opportunity to share it. Please use the Contact page to be in touch and give us a 'heads up' that you are on your way; many do and we love having visitors.

Do you or the King's Church have any outside financial support?

The King's Church as a body stands alone financially, and over the years has always managed to pay the rent, bills, etc. We have also many times helped others financially where there has been need.

Lynette and I have never asked for support, but believe in tithing what we have and God has always provided sufficient for our needs. From time to time people have supplied finances to us, some supporting us faithfully over years, other for shorter times. In 2014 Lynette retired, and I was able to draw on a pension from the NHS. We live very simply off-grid in a wooden house we built ourselves amongst the orange groves on the outskirts of Pego.

Occasionally people donate to us via PayPal. Here is the link. This helps out tremendously and is much appreciated. Please make it clear on the form whether the money is to support us, or to go towards the church funds. Thank you!

Do you have any Mid-Week meetings?

Yes, but due to the fluid nature of the congregation they change. We have currently been having a Bible Study on a Thursday at 11:00am in the church building in Pego. At other times they have moved around people's houses. For two years we held them at our house in Pego combined with a Prayer meeting. The best thing to do is contact us and we can let you know what is currently happening. We have never managed to have cell-groups (or house-groups) as the congregation was spaced out so far apart. Two couples used to drive for one and a half hours to get to us! We hope and pray that as the congregation grows from people more local to Pego this will happen.

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