Church Finances and Donations


This is where you can view or download our Financial Reports that come from the Annual General Meetings. We endeavour to be as transparent as possible. They are in PDF format and are password protected. If you feel that you are entitled to see our finances, or if you simply have a reason for doing so, you may request the password from the Senior Pastor using the details on the "Contact" page. Please do not ask church members for the password, and if you are a church member please do not give it out if you are asked. Currently Ken Murray is our Treasurer.

This is not the place to bring teaching; however we do believe that tithing is a Biblical principle. We choose neither to indoctrinate nor cajole people into giving any more than what is on their heart - only that they seriously seek God on the matter and do accordingly.

If you wish to join in the work we are doing here in Spain financially, then you can use this button to donate via PayPal (a secure long-standing international online bank) if you have an account, or you can use the same page to send money with a Credit or Debit card.