Bible Study

(Thursday 11:00am in the church building)

I personally believe that Bible Study is the main component of growth in the Christian faith. Yes, we need prayer, relationship with God, the Holy Spirit within and all those things, but.... there are many ways to approach the Bible. You've probably heard them all and practised most of them; reading all the way through, reading daily devotionals, meditating on part of Scripture, etc. But sadly these alone will leave you wanting if you don't at some point do some serious study.

It is perhaps for us an unfortunate fact that the Bible wasn't written in English. Sure you have an English Bible; but at worst it's someone's reinterpretation of an older Bible version, and at best a comprehensive work of cooperation and collaboration of major universities and study groups over many years, working from as many ancient documents as they can get their hands on, to come up with the best we can do 'right now'. But that 'right now' very quickly becomes old as the English language changes, our understanding of ancient Hebrew and Greek changes, we either discover or gain access to better ancient texts, etc.

A Lifetime's Endeavour

Most of us will not become fluent in ancient Biblical languages. We will usually rely on concordances, other people's study books, and face-to-face teaching. This makes you a normal Christian in this day and age. I still maintain that it is not enough. The Bible is the living Word of God and should be consumed if not daily then very regularly given our busy lives. It should be approached reverently, always asking for the illumination of the Holy Spirit to highlight those things that He wants us to attend to in our lives.

When I teach the Bible I am constantly aware of the frightening plethora of Biblical standpoints on many subjects... too many to mention. We have made a major out of our theological differences instead of finding the common ground in Scripture to hang onto - those things that are foundational - and let's just discuss the rest openly instead of making walls and building barriers to our fellowship. I only ever strive to lead people into being fascinated and amazed at the Word so that they will do their own study and come to their own conclusions. I hate indoctrination in all forms and as my own 'theology' has changed over the years in certain areas I am of course eager to share my findings. You will draw you own conclusions and are entitled to them. It is your own journey of discovery.

I love to discuss the deeper things of God as well as the 'basics' of faith that we all need to be reminded of occasionally. So come and meet with us and delve deeper!

I once asked a lovely old chap in the church congregation why he never came to Bible Study. His reply absolutely floored me. He said "If you knew how many Bible Studies I've been to over my life...." I later regretted not asking him there and then to come and teach me if he had discovered all there was to know about the Word of God!